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New instrument for the periodic review of ESD equipment

The new meter is a universal measuring instrument for all necessary ESD measurements in an EPA. It can be checked at the same ESD materials and equipment .

This handy device can be equipped with different electrodes. A built-in pressure sensor ensures the correct pressure during fairs.

Thus , measurements according to all current standards possible , eg DIN EN 61340-2-3 , EN 61340-4-1 , EN 61340-4-5 , ANSI ESD STM 4.1, 7.1 possible.

With this instrument set all measurements can be carried out , which are required for the new standard in preparation (TR 53 requirements for the periodic review of ESD workstations ) .

New ESD bottles and storage containers

The range of ESD compliant bottles and containers has been extended. The containers can be used for various materials. Detailed information can be found in the data sheets.


There are some changes in the product range of the available ionizers. All ionizers are constantly evolving . Information of users and many years of experience are incorporated into the development.

The new “pulsed DC” ionizing Hyperion 971 are particularly powerful. The range is very large. In addition to use in the electronics industry , they can be used anywhere where small and large areas (depending on length ) must be unloaded quickly , eg in the paper and film industry, the solar industry and also in process machines ( AHE ) of the electronics industry.

The technology “pulsed DC ” used ( pulsating DC) is a leader in Ionisationstechnologie . It provides an excellent Ionisations-performance .

Most applications do not require the proposed compressed air expansion . However, when the ionization is to act over a large distance , the integrated pressure air expansion can be used. The built-in titanium emitter allow an extra long life of the pins.

The structure of the ionizing bars is safe for the operator. The design is optimized for the reduction of contamination and to allow easy maintenance .